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How to Choose Pet Supplies For Your New Dog

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A new puppy will need a warm, cozy place to sleep that's enclosed so he can't escape while you're away or sleeping. You can buy a designer crate cover to make the crate more private and decorative.

Puppies also like to play, so it's a good idea to have plenty of pet toys on hand. Puppies enjoy squeaky toys, balls, plush toys, and even small pillows. Other things to have on hand for a puppy include a dog collar (for puppies big enough to walk around outdoors), a leash, potty pads for dogs, a pet carrier (for vet trips and other outings), a food and water dish, puppy food, and treats (milk bones or beefy treats).

Bringing Home an Older Dog Other items to have on hand for older dogs include a leash and dog collar with just the right fit for your dog, a food and water dish, a large pet carrier, pet toys, and treats.

When browsing a pet store online, be sure to look at measurements for products such as collars, crates, pet carriers, etc. Many online pet stores will also carry other accessories such as dog clothes, dog bedding and hammocks, dog diapers, cat collars, cat toys, cat scratchers and posts, and other items.

Choosing the Right Dog Toys For Your Dog

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Dogs and puppies love dog toys, but how do you know what toy is right for your dog? With so many choices available, from plush toys, to tennis balls, to rubber toys, the right choice isn't always obvious.

First, consider the size of your dog. A large dog certainly requires a different toy than a small dog, for instance. Then stronger, more dense toys will be needed. Or does the dog simply like to cuddle with a toy? Safety should be your first concern when choosing dog toys.

What is the toy made from? Sometimes, inner parts of dog toys are made of toxic materials, so it's important that you keep an eye on the dog while playing with this type of toy. Often, the simplest toys will keep your dog the most occupied and happy. Dogs can spend hours trying to unravel this type of toy.

You'll also want to rotate your dog toys, for instance, if you give your dog some new toys for Christmas, then put the old, summer toys away for a while.
The breed of your dog, responsiveness to sounds, and the age of your dog really make a difference in which type, size, and style toys to get for them.

Getting a toy too small can easily turn into a hazard as dogs love to bite and chew on things. Young dogs generally love chewing down on their toys while the older ones may get bored rather easy with basic chew toys. Dogs love to play with their owners, too. Enjoy quality time with your dog.

As you get more toys for your dog try to keep rotating them so that your dog won't get bored with the same old thing.

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