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Vintage Doll House Furniture to Love

Executive Summary about little pet shop By Ann johnston

Most vintage dollhouse furniture pieces have been loved and played with vigorously by their initial owners ... girls of all ages and backgrounds. There are many makers of these pieces of the past, with pieces made of plastic, wood and metal. Some of the most sought after pieces are by Renwal, Petite Princess, Tootsietoy, Strombecker, Ideal, Schoenut, Messer, and Marz.

Do you remember those little rubber dolls that could bend and be dressed? They were not bigger than two inches tall and were the love of little girls everywhere. Little girls will always be little girls with eyes that light up at the sight of miniatures and it shows today with little toys like Polly Pockets and My Little Pet Shop figures. Whether you are a dollhouse collector or someone with a shelf to showcase your miniatures on...or if you simply enjoy the gift of seeing a young girl's eyes light up at the sight of pieces you hand to her...the love of these wonderful pieces will cause you to always have one eye open for the sight of even more vintage furniture piece to love.

The UK Pet Supplies Market

Executive Summary about little pet shop By Terry king

What types of pets do we own? Recent market data shows that there are 6.1million Cat owning households, 5.2 million Dog owning households, 4.1 million Bird owning Households , 1.9 million rodent owning Households and 1.39 million Bird owning Households. Of the major domestic Pets Cats and dogs there are 9.58 Million cats and just under 6.8 million dogs, these on there own account for nearly 70% of the spend in the pet supplies market
No wonder the Pet Supplies Market is expanding with new pet products coming on stream all the time.

The Nations 12.5 million pet owners spent an estimated £ 4 billion on pet Supplies in 2006 according to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

When we think of pet Supplies we tend to think of Pet Food, With over half of UK households owning a pet, and approximately 90% of pet owners feeding prepared pet food at least once a week, the market for prepared pet foods is significant.

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