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All About Dog Kennels

Executive Summary about pet kennel By Kelly Marshall

A dog kennel is a great way for your dog or dogs to spend time outside without chains or tied but still secure and safe. Dog kennels also reduce your dog’s change of getting into a fight with another dog, contacting diseases or being poisoned. Portable dog kennels are great for people that travel or visit a lot and love taking their dog along. Pet stores and large department stores usually carry a wide selection of dog kennels, normally in standard sizes. For a dog or dogs that spend a fair amount of time outdoors in their dog kennel, some owners add a dog run to give their pets more room to play and exercise. Permanent dog kennels are sturdy enough to withstand a dogs jumping and pushing, without collapsing.

Dog Kennel Clubs 101

Executive Summary about pet kennel By Louise Louis

Both register dogs and both have standards of conduct for breeders.

Generally, however, the AKC is more concerned with breeding dogs that
meet the physical demands of a breed standard.

There are other kennel clubs and other "purebred" registries. The real
kennel clubs require a pedigree and often DNA or genetic testing.

Many reputable breeders are registered with their breed club as well as
the AKC or UKC.

Many breed clubs have a stricter code of ethics than either the AKC or UKC.
It's reassuring to only deal with a breeder who dual-registers or only
registers with the breed club named in the AKC's list of breed clubs.

I don't know why you would ever want to be registered with any kennel club
other than UKC or AKC.

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