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How to Find the Best Deal on a Dog House

Executive Summary about pet houses By Will Koval

This article provides some tips for finding the best price online for a dog house. Well, go to Froogle and search for "Tuff-n-rugged" (a popular plastic dog house) and check out the resulting prices. Tip One - compare the price comparison engines

For example, if you do a search for "Extreme Outback dog house" in Froogle, one of the links provides a price comparison from four different vendors. Tip Two - Discount coupons

There is an almost overwhelming number of sites offering discount coupons for every product imaginable, including dog houses and related accessories. You could also do a Google search for "discount coupons dog houses" and see what comes up at the top of the results. It would be nice if you could just enter "dog house" in a search box and get results targeted to that query. Many of the discount coupon listings don't specifically mention dog houses. To help you out, here is a list of stores - that often show up in the discount coupon offerings - that do carry dog houses and/or dog containment systems: ActiveK9.com, Dog.com, DogDecor.com, DogHouses.com, Paws Up Pet Supply, Petco, PETsMART, SitStay.com

You can save a considerable chunk of change by buying a dog house through eBay. Being the largest online auction service, it carries a fairly impressive selection of dog houses and other dog stuff. If you go to eBay's search page and do a generic search on "dog house", you'll get well over 1000 results, including dog beds, dog carriers, and dog tents -- in addition to actual dog houses. Do a search on "dog houses" with the quotes around the phrase. dog house" -"pet bed" -snoopy -mat -"soft crate"

The idea here is to exclude things like miniature ceramic dog houses and books on house training a dog. If you click on the Sort->lowest price first, the listings will be reordered with the cheapest dog house at the top.

Dog Houses: Where is Your Dog Going to Live?

Executive Summary about pet houses By Allen Shaw

Second, measure your dog. This means of course that your final doghouse purchase should be made after the dog is full-grown. Third, consider the environment if you are purchasing an outdoor doghouse. You may even consider an air-conditioned dog house if you live in some of the southern states like Texas. But if you do, make sure you live in an air-conditioned house. There’s nothing sillier than an air-conditioned doghouse when the owners are melting away.

If you live in a colder climate, make sure you get a doghouse that is well insulated. Also make sure the doghouse has an offset door. Also, when it comes to doghouse placement, be sure you can see the house from your house. If you can see the doghouse from your house, you will know your dog managed to trap himself long before he resorts to the plaintive howls of the mistreated dog.

And finally, bedding for a doghouse is a must.

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