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Read Before Your Dog Plays With Or You Buy That Toy

Executive Summary about kong dog toy By Jay Jacovitz

Your dog's size, activity level and play style are factors to consider when choosing a dog toy. Toys should be appropriate for your dog's size, and there is never a guarantee that your dog will be enthusiastic about your pick.

For small and medium size dogs that are happy to just carry the soft toy as a comfort possession requires less consideration than selecting for dogs that want to "kill" the toy, where in addition to durable the toy should be the size of the "prey" the dog would instinctively hunt.

Soft Toys Are Not Indestructible

Any toy your dog currently uses should be dog safe or at least dog-proofed -- remove ribbons, strings, eyes or other small parts that could be separated by tugging, pulling and chewing and then ingested.

Does Your Dog Toy Have A Filling And Is The Filling Safe?

Soft toys should be machine washable

More of your dog's toys should be interactive. Your toys can encourage exercise with activities the dog finds stimulating and enjoys -- games of catch, fetch, and for balanced dogs tugging games along with long walks, jogging, swimming and biking.

Great Toys That Should Be Considered

Very hard rubber toys, like Kong, are super-bouncy and irresistible. Try a simple game with a rope tug toy, great fun as long as your dog understands play boundaries.

Toxic Dog Toys

Executive Summary about kong dog toy By Teri Salvador

The list seems to be expanding of products allowed into North America that are have been laboratory tested to be extremely toxic, therefore dangerous to children and pets.

Expert analysis conducted by Expertox a company in Texas established in 1996 that have over fifty years of environmental assessments tested pet toys sold in Walmart.

Expertox claims the results show these pet toy products contain elevated levels of deadly toxins. You have to wonder why Mattel recalled millions of its toys for children that contained lead paint made in China and still we are selling toxic toys for pets. The tests also revealed high levels of arsenic, mercury, cadmium as well as lead, so it is a combo platter of lethal chemicals.

Cat Toys Containing Cadmium:

We are all familiar with those cloth cat toys that contain catnip, which they found high levels of cadmium.

Dog Toys Containing Cadmium:

A Walmart toy made of cloth that looks like a hedgehog contained high levels of cadmium. You would have to demonstrate that you have complied with these strict regulations before your products would be allowed into European countries including detailed product analysis. Lead poisoning may kill your pet so check where your toys came from and then check your dog.

There are also herbs that can detox your pet from harmful chemicals.

The list of contaminated products from China continues to grow, and now includes:

Toys for children

Toys for pets

Pet foods

People foods

If Beijing is increasing inspections of their own products, when will the US and Canada start inspecting imported products? A lady from Illinois was worried about her Shelties playing with these toys she purchased so she hired a lab in Illinois to do testing on 24 dog toy products.

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