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Extend Your Dog's Life Using These Simple Grooming Tips

Executive Summary about pet grooming supplies By William Wilcox

It is you, the dog's owner, who can make the difference between your dog living a long, full life or one of physical disease and health problems.

Basic personal dog grooming is the key to early recognition of skin and tumor issues, dental problems, and mobility difficulties.

To help you establish a regular dog grooming regimen, the following tips are provided covering five key areas; brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental hygiene.

Brushing Your Dog

Brushing, or grooming, your dog is a great time for bonding with her and providing the physical contact that all dogs desire. This practice promotes a lustrous shine on the dog's coat, whiling eliminating dirt, debris, and dead fur.

Bathing Your Dog

A good practice is to start bathing your dog as young as possible. Wet your dog thoroughly, avoiding her head to keep water out of her eyes and ears. Plug your dog's ears with cotton balls if there is a risk of flooding the ears. Use a dog shampoo and lather up the dog. Towel dry your dog, and blow dry if desired, but it is best to keep her confined until dry.

Trimming Nails

Nail trimming can be a traumatic experience for some dogs. The key to successful nail trimming is providing your dog lots of praise when she lets you cut a nail. Cleaning Ears

As a dog's life span has been extended over the years, it is even more imperative that your dog maintain healthy teeth and gum tissue. Starting with your finger, or a special dog toothbrush fitted for your fingertip, begin massaging your dog's gums and gently rubbing her teeth. Once she has become accustomed to the practice, try using a dog toothbrush, or small soft bristled human toothbrush, with dog-specific toothpaste. Never use toothpaste designed for humans on your dog.

Continuing this practice throughout your dog's life will ensure that she will avoid gum disease, loose teeth, and related eating problems.

Dog Grooming - Keep Your Dog Healthy and Active

Executive Summary about pet grooming supplies By Stefan Rockhaus

Dog grooming has its own significance in pet care. It is important that you brush your pet every day to keep your pet's hair dirt free. To cut the nails, make your pet sit beside you. You also need to always keep your pet's ears clean. You should check your pet's ears twice a month. Cleaning of your pet's teeth is another important aspect of grooming. Clean your pet's teeth twice a week with a soft, small pet toothbrush.

In order to remove all the matting from your pet's coat, brush your pet before and after each bath.

Use cotton balls to prevent water from going into your pet's ears, and use warm water to bathe your pet in. Use shampoo that is made specifically for pets.

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