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How to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Executive Summary about interactive dog toys By Jon Dakins

Let's face it - our homes are pretty boring for our dogs. The following steps outline the easy, but critical, task of arranging interesting interactive toys for your dog's enjoyment.

Step 1: Gather up interactive treats, dog food, and toy stuffing (such as peanut butter or Kong stuffing, small dog biscuits or milk bones).

Step 2: Make an honest assessment of your dog's smarts, creativity, and stubbornness. Interactive food toys can be stuffed in a way that makes it easy or hard to get the rewards out. If it's too hard, then the dog's motivation disappears.

Step 3: Fill up the interactive toy with a mixture of dog food, dog treats, and additional flavor (peanut butter, Kong stuffing).

Step 4: Optional - place the toy in the freezer. You can use frozen goods, such as Frosty Paws dog ice cream, if you are going to freeze the toy.

Step 5: Test run. Adjust accordingly by placing fewer or smaller milkbones in the toy, only having the stuffing at the edges, etc.

Step 8: Arrange a series of toys stuffed with food and treats throughout his living area. Step 9: Alternate the toys and treats that are given to him so that each day brings a challenge.

Things You'll Need:
Dog mat (blanket or towel)
Dog food
Peanut Butter
Interactive toys

1. Make meal-time work-time. Place your dog's food in an interactive toy so that he has to work for it. 3. Do a test run and supervise your dog with each new toy. For each treat given, give less kibble. Cautions
1. When mixing rewards with the dog food, there's a chance they'll end up on your carpet or furniture. If your dog likes to move around with his toy, make sure nothing valuable is at risk.

Because the stuffed toy has good stuff in it, there is a chance he will become protective of it.

Read Before Your Dog Plays With Or You Buy That Toy

Executive Summary about interactive dog toys By Jay Jacovitz

Your dog's size, activity level and play style are factors to consider when choosing a dog toy. Toys should be appropriate for your dog's size, and there is never a guarantee that your dog will be enthusiastic about your pick.

For small and medium size dogs that are happy to just carry the soft toy as a comfort possession requires less consideration than selecting for dogs that want to "kill" the toy, where in addition to durable the toy should be the size of the "prey" the dog would instinctively hunt.

Soft Toys Are Not Indestructible

Any toy your dog currently uses should be dog safe or at least dog-proofed -- remove ribbons, strings, eyes or other small parts that could be separated by tugging, pulling and chewing and then ingested.

Does Your Dog Toy Have A Filling And Is The Filling Safe?

Soft toys should be machine washable

More of your dog's toys should be interactive. Great Toys That Should Be Considered

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